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Crypto Industry Eyes 1 Billion Users By 2025: Can It Be Done?

• Former SEC branch chief Lisa Braganca warned the public against using certain emojis in promotional materials following a court ruling.
• The court ruling classified DapperLabs‘ use of emojis relating to rocket ships, stock charts, and money bags as investment advice.
• The plaintiffs accused Dapper Labs of promoting NBA Top Shot Moments (NFT) as investment opportunities through its marketing materials with carefully selected emojis.

Warning by Former SEC Chief

Former SEC branch chief Lisa Braganca issued a warning against using certain emojis in promotional materials following a court ruling that classified DapperLabs‘ use of emojis as investment advice. She urged the public to be mindful of their use of certain emojis to promote digital assets.

Court Ruling Against Emoji Use

A US court ruled that using emojis relating to rocket ships, stock charts, and money bags could be classified as investment advice. This was contained in a lawsuit filed against Dapper Labs and its CEO Roham Gharegozlou for allegedly violating securities laws by offering its NBA Top Shot Moments (NFT). These NFTs capture key highlights and video clips from NBA games.

Accusations Against Dapper Labs

The plaintiffs accused Dapper Labs of promoting NBA Shot Moments as investment opportunities through its marketing materials with carefully selected emojis. The court filing referenced a tweet in which DapperLabs used the rocket ship, stock market, and money bags emoji to show market performance.

Dapper Lab’s Defense

Dapper Labs argued that the use of the emojis in the tweets was intended to provide accuracy to market data and not a means of promoting sales. However, several members of the crypto community have argued that Emojis could mean different things to different folks, hence, a rule on its usage could impede freedom of speech.


Using certain types of promotional material such as carefully selected emojis can be seen by courts as providing investors with financial return on investments or other forms of investment advice. It is important for members within the industry to be mindful when utilizing these type tools when communicating information about digital asset offerings or any other type investments products or services being offered in order to avoid potential legal issues down the road.

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Front Runner Trades $100k in Less Than an Hour on Binance Listing

• A trader made over $100,000 exiting less than an hour after GNS listed on Binance.
• The trader used confidential information to take a large position in the token before it was listed on the exchange.
• This practice is considered insider trading and is illegal in many countries worldwide.

Insider Trading on Binance

Rumors are swirling around a single crypto trader who managed to make over $100,000 in profits by purchasing and selling the Gains (GNS) token just before listing on world’s leading exchange – Binance. By taking advantage of confidential information, this individual was able to take a large position in GNS ahead of its listing and reap huge rewards when the price jumped 51%.

What is Front-Running?

Front-running is a form of insider trading that occurs when a trader or an exchange employee uses non-public information about upcoming trades in order to benefit from them. By taking positions ahead of customer orders, those with inside knowledge can make considerable profits at the expense of unsuspecting customers. Although front-running may give certain individuals an unfair advantage in the market, it is also considered dishonest and violates any existing trust between parties involved in the transaction.

Recent Scrutiny Faced by Crypto Exchanges

In recent years, numerous prominent crypto exchanges have been under scrutiny for alleged or confirmed instances of front-running. Popular digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) have all seen traders using insider knowledge to gain an edge over other investors and making significant profits in a short span of time. This has raised questions over whether these exchanges are doing enough to protect their customers from such unethical practices.

Consequences for Insider Trading

Insider trading is illegal in many countries including the United States, Canada, European Union and others worldwide due to its potential harm against the integrity and fairness of markets. As such those caught engaging in insider trading can face serious consequences including fines and jail time depending on local laws governing financial markets and securities transactions .


Overall, although some traders may be able to profit from front running activities, it remains highly unethical behavior that can potentially lead to severe legal repercussions if caught engaging in such activity . It’s important that crypto exchanges continue to strengthen their compliance measures so as not allow unscrupulous players exploit loopholes for personal gains at expense of others .

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Bitcoin Bull Market Emerging – On-Chain Data Suggests Reversal

• CryptoSlate’s latest market report suggests that Bitcoin is emerging from the depths of despair due to improved on-chain data.
• On-chain indicators suggest that a bottom has been reached and a bull market is currently in the making, with an uptick in daily users, increased transaction throughput, and demand for block space.
• Technical pricing models have flipped, indicating a new period of growth for Bitcoin.

Early Signs of a Bull Market

CryptoSlate’s previous report showed that despite widespread macro uncertainty, most on-chain indicators suggest that a bottom was formed. However, identifying this bottom is just the first step in predicting future market movements – other on-chain metrics are required to confirm the end of the bear market.

The Bitcoin Network is Expanding

A strong indicator of network performance is the number of users interacting with it. Early bull markets have all begun with an increase in daily users, transaction throughput, and demand for block space. This can be seen when looking at the momentum of new addresses on the Bitcoin network – when the 30-day simple moving average (SMA) crosses above the 365-day SMA, it indicates an expansionary period in which prices tend to rise gradually over time. Data analyzed by CryptoSlate shows this trend occurring now as both address and transaction count momentum have spiked significantly since early this year.

The Market is In Profit

For miners, profit or loss depends heavily upon fees earned from transactions processed by them; if fees exceed their costs then they can make money even during bear markets. The good news here is that miner revenue from fees has begun increasing again – a sure sign that more people are transacting thus driving up fees paid by each user and creating profits for miners once more – something not seen since before LUNAR collapsed last year.

Technical Pricing Models Have Flipped

Technical pricing models are also showing signs of bullishness as they’ve recently flipped positive after remaining bearish since late 2020. These technical indicators use price movement patterns to make predictions about where prices may go next – having flipped positive again suggests further growth ahead for Bitcoin’s price as well as its network activity metrics such as hash rate and mining difficulty which have also been increasing steadily since early 2021.


On-chain data points towards a possible end to Bitcoin’s bear market with increased user numbers, higher fee revenues for miners and technical pricing models flipping back into bullish territory all suggesting further growth ahead for its price over time. With these trends continuing to hold strong it seems like we may soon see a return to pre-bear market levels once more!

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South Korea Issues Guidance on Security Tokens and STOs

• South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) issued guidance on the regulation of security tokens and their issuance on Feb. 6.
• Certain digital assets that fit the characteristics of securities as defined in the Capital Markets Act, will be regulated as securities in the country.
• The FSC will also permit Security Token Offerings (STOs) by making amendments to its Electronic Securities Act.

South Korea Issues Guidance On Security Tokens and STOs

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) has released guidance on regulating security tokens and their offerings (STOs). According to the regulator, digital assets that meet the criteria of securities under the Capital Markets Act will be treated as such and subject to public disclosure requirements. The FSC also plans to amend its Electronic Securities Act to allow for STOs.

Digital Assets Regulated Under Capital Markets Act

Under South Korea’s regulations, cryptocurrencies which offer a stake in business operations or give holders rights to dividends, residual assets, or profits are considered securities. These digital assets must adhere to public disclosure requirements and prohibition on unfair trade practices for investor protection purposes.

Cryptocurrencies Not Regarded As Securities

The FSC clarified that cryptocurrencies without an issuer, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), would not be treated as securities under South Korean law. These digital assets will instead come under the jurisdiction of a new Framework Act on Digital Assets when it is passed into law.

Security Token Offerings Permitted

The FSC has stated that token issuers can carry out STOs within South Korean borders with appropriate regulatory oversight in place. This includes exchanges having an obligation to assess which cryptocurrencies are classified as securities on a case-by-case basis before trading them on their platforms.


Overall, this new guidance from South Korea provides clarity for investors looking to invest in security tokens via STOs within the country’s borders. By setting out clear rules around what constitutes a security token, it should help foster innovation while providing necessary investor protections from fraudulent activities or schemes.

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