Justin Sun Admits Huobi Ownership, Calls Binance A Partner Not Rival

• Justin Sun admitted to owning Huobi, calling Binance a partner rather than a rival.
• VC investments in European projects rose in Q1 2023.
• There was backlash when Coinbase labeled PEPE an alt-right hate symbol.

Justin Sun Admits Huobi Ownership

TRON founder Justin Sun has admitted to acquiring Huobi, while saying that Binance is an essential partner — not a competitor. In July 2022, Huobi founder Leon Li was reportedly seeking a buyer for more than 50% of the company due to the market downturn and regulatory environment. By November 2022, Li sold his stake to a “buyout firm” with the deal brokered by About Capital Management HK. Despite rumors that Sun had purchased the company, he stated that his role with the company is as an advisor — not an owner. Nevertheless, he has since represented Huobi in a high-level capacity and announced the potential merger of Huobi and Poloniex in November 2022 with both companies establishing a strategic partnership by the end of the month.

VC Investments On The Rise

VC investments in European projects have been on the rise during Q1 2023 according to data from venture capital firms and market analysts around Europe. The increase has been attributed to investor confidence rising due to strong economic fundamentals and improved access to capital markets for startups looking for funding opportunities. This has seen a number of new companies enter or expand their operations into Europe including major blockchain players such as TRON, Ripple Labs and Bitfury Group who are all looking for ways to capitalize on this growth opportunity.

Backlash Over PEPE Label

Coinbase faced criticism when it labelled PEPE as an alt-right hate symbol, despite its popularity within crypto circles as an unofficial mascot of sorts. Many users felt that Coinbase had gone too far in its bid to crack down on controversial symbols associated with racism or bigotry; however Coinbase defended its decision stating that it is committed to providing users with safe trading practices free from discriminatory messaging or imagery which could impact user experience negatively.

Do Kwon Pleads Not Guilty

Terra’s Do Kwon pleaded not guilty on charges relating to his alleged involvement in creating fake documents related to several cryptocurrency projects linked back to Terra’s founding team members including himself, Justin Sun and other executives at TRON Foundation’s parent organization Jinse Finance Limited (JFL). Do Kwon denied any wrongdoing but acknowledged his role in creating these false documents which were meant only for internal use within JFL at the time they were created but were later leaked online without authorization or approval from either TRON Foundation or JFL management teams leading up to this case being brought against him by Chinese authorities late last year (2022).

Justin Sun To Start Trading Memecoins

As part of his ongoing commitment towards promoting blockchain technology adoption, Justin Sun recently announced plans for launching memecoins – tradable tokens backed by real world assets such as sports memorabilia – which will be available via third party exchanges including Poloniex and others over time . He also stated that all profits generated through trading these tokens will be donated towards charity initiatives aimed at helping those affected by global pandemics such as COVID-19 and other natural disasters worldwide going forward.

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