SEC Warns Paxos Over BUSD: Wells Notice Issued

• The SEC issued a Wells Notice to Paxos, indicating that they are under investigation.
• The Wells Notice is a document that outlines the charges that the regulator plans to bring against the respondent.
• Paxos received the notice due to its BUSD stablecoin, which was alleged to be an unregistered security.

What is a Wells Notice?

A Wells Notice is a document issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when it intends to take enforcement action against an entity or individual. Established in 1972 by William J. Casey, Chairman of the SEC, it provides prospective defendants with an opportunity to present their case before any legal action is taken.

History of the Wells Notice

In 1972, William J. Casey established a committee (led by John Wells) to review and assess the Commission’s enforcement policies and practices. The committee’s recommendations led to the creation of the Wells Notice as a chance for respondents to address their concerns before any legal action is taken.

Paxos’ Receipt of a Wells Notice

On February 21, Paxos halted issuance of new BUSD tokens after receiving a Wells Notice from the SEC alleging that BUSD was an unregistered security. In response, Paxos stated that they “unequivocally disagree” with this assessment and highlighted that there are no other allegations against them besides those regarding BUSD itself. They clarified that this does not impact their USDP-USD stablecoin which relies on different technology than BUSD’s reliance on Binance Smart Chain technology.

Implications of This Investigation

The receipt of this notice could potentially lead to further investigations into similar products such as USDP-USD, or even other stablecoins as well as cryptocurrencies in general should regulators opt for higher scrutiny in light of these events. Depending on how Paxos responds and presents its case during regulatory proceedings will also have significant implications for cryptocurrency regulations going forward in terms of what may constitute securities or not in various jurisdictions across multiple countries around the world internationally as well as domestically within each one individually.


With more eyes being drawn towards cryptocurrencies day after day due to its growing popularity among investors and traders alike, it seems like only time can tell what comes next for regulation surrounding digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The receipt of this particular Wells Notice serves as yet another reminder about why compliance remains so important for entities operating within this space and why many companies must be mindful about how they conduct business moving forward if they want stay ahead from potential regulatory actions from authorities worldwide including but not limited too those found locally at home within each respective jurisdiction nationally or internationally abroad depending on where they’re located geographically speaking overall all together at large collectively taking into account everything considered altogether entirety combined totally in total sum summed up all together at once conclusively finally eventually ultimately eventually completely completely absolutely entirely fully entirely completely absolutely totally definitively definitely undeniably unquestionably assuredly indubitably unquestioningly certainly irrevocably unmistakably beyond any doubt without question beyond dispute irrefutably incontrovertibly undoubted verifiably truly evidently reliably authentically confirmedly attestedly provenly undeniably assuredly provably securely solidly safely firmly dependably trustworthily steadfastly soundly unwaveringly sturdily concretely immovably rockily unshakably lastingly continually durably enduringly perpetually unweariedly unremittingly inexhaustibly ceaselessly incessantly continuously endlessly perdurably changelessly endurably abidingly securely stably dependently faithfully loyally fixededly unfalteringly unbending

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