T-Systems launches partnership with Flow Blockchain from Dapper Labs

Telekom subsidiary T-Systems has entered into a partnership with the Flow blockchain platform developed.

Telekom’s technology subsidiary T-Systems has partnered with Flow Blockchain, developed by Dapper Labs, the company announced via press release on 12 January.

Computing power for the Flow Blockchain
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS) will provide the necessary computing infrastructure for further scaling of the Flow Blockchain. As part of the partnership, T-Systems MMS will operate an Excecution Node for Flow.

With the processing of new blocks Bitcoin Legacy review and their subsequent storage, the Excecution Node will support the most computationally intensive activity of the Flow Blockchain, which will have a positive effect on its transaction speed and thus also on further scaling.

Flow is a so-called layer one blockchain for the mainstream deployment of blockchain applications aimed at engaging fan communities of token issuers such as sports clubs.

Flow Blockchain aims to empower fan communities via tokens
Dapper Labs has already made a name for itself in this area through token-based collecting games such as Cryptokitties and NBA Topshot. Popular bands such as the English musicians of Muse also want to use Cryptokitties to reach their fans via blockchain-backed crypto collectibles.

For the Flow Blockchain, Dapper Labs released a token management and staking tool in November 2020 that will work with popular crypto custodians such as Kraken and Coinlist. The popular crypto wallets Ledger and Blocto are also supported.

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